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SC-MA Multi Year Forecasting Models
have been developed and refined over 2 decades and have been used by major international companies for annual business planning, acquisition evaluations and major capital project justifications. The Complexity Approach used to build these models offers a new and different perspective than competing analytical tools. This new perspective provides clients with a genuinely fresh and insightful second opinion.

SC-MA Expert Testimony
SC-MA provides expert testimony for construction materials issues.  Expertise includes both demand and supply areas at the county and quarry level.

SC-MA On-line Forecasting Platform ©

Is a unique interactive tool clients can use to more accurately measure and compare past, present and future forecasting data for aggregates, cement and other construction materials. Among its features, clients are able to:

ü  Compare multiple forecast scenarios by region, state or county

ü  Analyze & view industry specific data using charts, maps or both

ü  Create custom micro-markets or territories

ü  Export data to MS Excel

ü  Create and save detailed PDF's with data and charts

SC-MA Proprietary Pressure Index (“PI”) Reports
Are a valuable leading indicator tool and another service that clients will not find elsewhere. The PI is designed to gauge near term demand conditions in a given market relative to normalized or expected conditions and has been shown to help identify turning points. The PI is most useful to clients when tracked on a state or micro-market level.

On Demand Consulting Services
Are also available from SC-MA. Areas of expertise include corporate strategy development, market / competitive analyses, business case development for acquisitions or large CAPEX projects, due diligence assistance, organization of post-merger integration programs and materials procurement strategies. This service can be provided on either an ad hoc basis or on a retainer basis at a discounted rate as part of one of our flexible annual subscription packages.