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Highly customized, independent 2nd opinion on economic and market growth prospects for cement, aggregates & concrete.
•Unique online forecasting platform & toolbox.
•For acquisition analysis, major capital project justification or routine business planning.

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Forecasting Accuracy / Track Record

SC-MA has a Long track record of anticipating turning points.
[Charts show forecasts issued in 2004, 2009 and 2010]

Ft.Myers, FL Forecast.LA Forecast 2009.NC Forecast.


Capital Expansions

Getting a 2nd opinion on major capital expansions is a good idea for any company.  It is especially true for materials companies that may be geographically bound to specific markets for a long time.  We have many years real world experience producing analysis for a variety of companies.

Future Supply-Demand Balance

Analyzing both sides of the business dynamic is essential for understanding the future profitability of a project.  We analyze both demand changes and competitor behavior when determining the viability of a market move.


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